Turning Grades 

KRB Engineering offers a wide range of turning grades to machine the following types of materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Heat-Resistant Alloys, Non-Ferrous Material and Hardened materials.
Insert grades consist of PVD Coated Carbide, CVD Coated Carbide, Cermet, Wisker Ceramic, SiAION Ceramic, Uncoated Carbide, CBN, PCD and DLC Coating.

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Insert Chipbreakers 

KRB Engineering offers an extensive range of chipbreakers to assist in machining most materials effectively.
Our many chipbreakers offer advantages of superior chip control, excellent surface finish, lowered cutting forces, Stable machining, Strong cutting edge and Low adhesion.

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Turning Toolholders

KRB Engineering offers variety of options in turning toolholders with different clamping systems. Turning holders consist of double clamp trough coolant holders, external double clamp holders, double clamp boring bars, dynamic bars, goose-neck holders. The double clamp system securely clamps the insert and gives improved machining performance and insert life. The dynamic bars offer higher rigidity, less chattering, improved chip evacuation, stable machining and positional accuracy.

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