Milling  Grades 

KRB Engineering offers a wide range of milling grades to machine the following types of materials, Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Heat-Resistant Alloys, Non-Ferrous Material.
Insert grades consist of PVD Coated Carbide, CVD Coated Carbide, Ceramic, Uncoated Carbide, PCD and DLC Coating.

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Lead Angle

KRB Engineering offers an extensive range of milling cutters with 45deg. 75deg. 90deg. lead angles to suit most of your milling requirements.
In addition to this we have milling cutters that uses an insert with 10 cutting edges. This provides exceptional performance with low cutting forces and reduced chattering.

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High Feed Milling Cutters

KRB Engineering offers variety of options in high feed milling cutters and insert designs. This gives the advantage of less vibration, higher productivity with the use of ramping and helical milling machining strategies. There are also small diameter high feed milling cutter options.

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Specialist Milling Applications

KRB Engineering offers range of milling cutters that suit the following areas of application, Heavy Milling, Aluminum Milling, Cast Iron Milling, Helical Milling, Chamfer Milling, Multi-function Milling.

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Solid Carbide Endmills

KRB Engineering offers a range of high-performance cutters like, Square End, Ball Nose, Corner Radius, Compression, Roughers, Chamfer Mills. The applications range from General purpose machining, Deep reach milling, Hard metal milling, Rib Processing, Routing of composites, High speed milling of Aluminum and Non-ferrous Materials and chamfer mills with varied degrees. Solid carbide cutters in diameters go as small as 0,1mm. 

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