Contact us for any of your automotive lubricants for trucks, cars, agricultural or construction machines. Our oils specifically help provide reliable protection, less engine wear and fuel consumption.
Our industrial lubricants, cover areas of Hydraulic oils, Compressor oils, Slideway oils, Gear oils, Turbine oils, Machine oils, Rapidly biodegradable lubricants, Textile machine oils, Wire rope lubricants, Chain lubricants.
KRB Engineering offers metal processing products like Quenching oils, Corrosion preventives, Cleaners, Cutting, Grinding, Forming Lubricants.
We are able to cater for special application lubrication needs. We can also assist you with lubricating greases like wheel bearing greases, gearbox, food grade greases, greases for rail vehicles, extreme temperature greases and many more.

How can we help solve your lubrication challanges?